Getting Ready for Shabbat

I consider getting ready for Shabbat to be an open miracle. Every week, I feel like I am being carried by HaShem (God) and receiving His divine assistance.  There is no other explanation.

Over the years, I have aspired to limit the actual cooking for Shabbat for no more than 2 hours. That does not include the time spent cleaning up or putting the food away.

Among my favorite tools to use are the crockpot and the pressure cooker.

This week, in the pressure cooker, I made the ratatouille.

In the crock pot, I made: cholent, split pea soup and Moroccan meatballs. It took about 40 mins to put all 3 dishes together, and then they cooked overnight.

Getting ready for Shabbat is an opportunity to witness God working miraculously within the mundane. I feel so grateful every week!