Squash Kugel

Squash Kugel

1 squash – baked and flesh scooped out.

½ c mayonnaises

1 c sugar

4 eggs

¼ – ½ c flour (on Passover, use tapioca starch)

2 t vanilla


Bake squash in 3500 F oven until soft. Scoop out flesh and mix in food processor mayonnaise, sugar, eggs and vanilla. Depending on the squash, you may need to adjust the sugar and egg ratio.  After adjusting the sweetness add the flour. If you are not using flour, only add the starch as close as possible to putting the kugel in the oven, otherwise, the kugel will have a gummy texture.

Bake in 3500F or 3750F oven until toothpick comes out dry and colour is slightly golden.

This is one of my signature kugel dishes.  Enjoy!

Squash Kugel

Personal note: I just made it now and I used oil instead of mayonnaise.  I added 1 cup of sugar and it was a bit too sweet. So, start out with less, taste and see.

Pictures of the process

To save time, I slice the squash and bake it whole.

Place all the ingredients in a big bowl or pot.

Next, I blend everything using a blender.


Final product, voila!



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