1 egg

2 T lemon juice or vinegar

1 t prepared mustard or ½ t dried mustard (opt)

¼ t salt

Dash of pepper

1 c vegetable oil


Finally, over the years, I have mastered how to make mayonnaise.

My sister taught me this method, which is actually makes thicker and better mayonnaise than using a food processor.  Put the egg, lemon juice or vinegar, mustard, salt, pepper in the container.  Carefully add the oil so it floats on top.  Then, blend the mixture from the bottom up using an immersion blender and slowly raise the blade up, to slowly incorporate the oil. So easy!

Food processor instructions

Place all ingredients in bowl, except oil.  Very slowly add oil.  I put a small hole in a plastic of paper cup and then let the oil slowly drain through the feed tube while the machine is running. Process until thickened.



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