Shabbat in 2 Hours

Shabbat in 2 Hours

I am time challenged and getting ready for Shabbat is particularly challenging.

I have minimal domestic help, and I feel I have to do more with less time.

Good food starts with a positive attitude. In order for the food to taste good, I have to be fully present in the moment. Stress and aggravation ruin the taste of everything. I jokingly refer to this as “Zen and the art of stress free cooking.”

This week, I was particularly excited to have cooked for Shabbat in 2 hours rather than my usual 4-6.

Thursday night, I prepped the vegetables. I peeled the carrots, beets, and onions and cut the ends off the green beans. I defrosted 2 London broils, stew meat for the chollent and a package of chicken cutlets.

I also had my meat and chicken spice mixes prepared in advance.

Friday morning I got up at 4:30 AM and by 5:00, I was cooking.

I made baked spaghetti squash, steamed green beans, carrots and zucchini, and boiled beets.

I broiled the London broils which were spiced with Yaacov’s meat spice mix.

I made 2 chollents: 1 vegetarian and the other with meat, which I cooked in a crockpot.

I made brown rice in my rice cooker.

Finally, I grilled the chicken cutlets on top of the stove, on a cast iron grill and spiced them with my Mom’s chicken spice mix. I flattened the cutlets first in a plastic bag with a mallet.

By that time, it was 7:00, and I needed to go to work.

Overall, Shabbas came out great, and I wasn’t wiped out the whole day.

The secret is, prepping the vegetables before cooking and good equipment. I consider myself a pressure cooker and crockpot Queen, and the Arch Duchess of the rice cooker.

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