DIY Kiddush – Part 1

Two weeks ago we had a kiddush in our home to express our gratitude over my husband’s recent recovery. 

My husband is a walking medical miracle, and every day I am so grateful he is alive and survived this ordeal.

To express our gratitude we invited our friends and neighbors to our home following services on Saturday.

Up until this point, we have hosted a kiddush only 2 times: once when our daughters were born and then again when they had their bat mitzvahs.

Both times, we had them catered and held them at shul.

Although kiddushes are not a sit down meal, the expenses can add up. 

Since my husband was recovering and unable to work, we needed to express our gratitude more modestly.

There is an art and a science to having a kiddush in your home. And, unless you have done one before, it is not an intuitive endeavor.

A secret sisterhood which I called “The Kiddush Committee” came forward to assist me every step of the way. Without these wonderful and supportive women there is no doubt that our kiddush would not have been the resounding success that it was. Every step of the way I felt guided in this daunting endeavor.

Since planning a Kiddush is a multi step process, I am planning on posting a series on DIY Kiddush in your home.



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