Mom’s Kidney Beans 

my mother has this really simple and easy bean recipe that is very versatile and always comes out great!


1 lbs. kidney beans 

Water to cover

3 cloves of garlic, crushed

1 T salt

Pepper, garlic powder, paprika and Mom’s spice mix to taste.


I soaked the beans overnight in the crockpot.

This morning I drained the water and added fresh water to cover and the spices.

This is what it looked like, as per usual on the wrong angle.

This recipe can be parve/vegan or instead of using water, you can use chicken soup or broth. It is not necessary to use dried beans. Canned beans also work, and pressure cooking also works. I call this a fast and easy no fail recipe!

So, I came home and the beans were done. I only added chicken spice mix to taste and it passed the family approval ratings.

Here is the picture:


NB: I spoke with my mother this morning and she did not remember this recipe. She said that now she sautés the garlic and beans with cumin and then cooks them in the pressure cooker. My mother is an awesome cook, so if you have the time, try it!

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