Cookers And Cleaners Are Born — Not Made

I have to share a funny story about my daughter Yaffa.

This morning, I got up early to do my cooking for the Shabbat.

Yaffa came downstairs for breakfast and she was horrified at the mess. 

My kitchen looked like a cyclone hit. But, when you are a cooker, a mess is simply part of the creative process.

Yaffa, shall we say, “wasn’t feeling it.”

So, before she would eat her breakfast, she wiped down her place at the table, put a paper towel down and then she put her food on the table.

I had to laugh!

This proves my theory that cookers and cleaners are born and not made.

She made her father so proud.

Yaffa gave me her recent art project and agreed to let me post a picture of it on the blog. She is vey proud of her creation.



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