Challah Challenge Taste Test

I wanted share the out come of the handmade versus bread machine made challah.

I am happy to say that my husband could not tell the difference between the two.

The machine made dough had more time to rise, so it was slightly fluffier. 

But, when I asked him which one he thought was from the machine or by hand, he couldn’t tell which was which.  Good sign!

When pressed for time, I have in the past put the loaves in a cold oven. Then I turn the oven on and as the oven comes to temperature, the bread rises more quickly.

So, it depends on your particular circumstances whether it is easier to make the dough in a bread machine on a timer, or, to make it by hand.

My personal “secret” to making challah is to pray while I kneed and then braid the dough into loaves. I am convinced that food tastes better when we elevate the mundane and infuse our actions with sanctity.

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