BBQ Chicken 

Last week was the first time this summer that we had BBQ. My husband is a true carnivore and he loves eating meat. BBQ is one of my husband’s passions. For him , it is artistry.

Now, my husband can only eat meat once a week and he must have 1 vegan or plant based meal a day. 

Most of the recipes posted on the blog are my efforts to create healthy vegan meals for him. 

So, last week he surprised me. 

Grilled Chicken Cutlets 


Chicken cutlets 

1/3 cup oil and red wine vinegar 

1 tablespoon chicken spice


I put the cutlets in a bag and with a mallet, I pounded them thinner. I find they cook more evenly this way. Then I put in the oil and vinegar and spices and let them marinate while the coals heated up.

BBQ Tips

For my husband, BBQ is a culinary ritual. He likes to use charcoal and not gas to get a smoky flavor.

During a vacation in the Laurentians, we bought this great tool called “A tower of fire.”

We can use it to start the coals without kerosene, which is MUCH healthier.

Here are pictures:

This is a great tool. You put the coals inside and newspaper or kindling underneath, light the kindling which in turn heat the coals. Then once they are white hot, you put them in the BBQ.

After experimenting with many different kinds of grills, my husband feels that simple ones are best. 

Here is the BBQ grill, with the hot coals:


Here is the final product: grilled chicken cutlets:

 They came out great. 


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