Roasting Vegetables and My New Favorite Cooking Toy

I tend to cook in aluminum pans to save time cleaning up. A fellow blogger Lauren, pointed out that aluminum is potentially toxic and also not Eco-friendly. She suggested cooking in Pyrex or glass roasting pans and lining the pans with parchment paper.

So, at first my husband thought that it was wacky. But, over time he has come around with enthusiasm!

I did some online reach, and I discovered that Pyrex isn’t the Pyrex that I grew up with. It seems as though Corning sold the business. Now the glass recipe is different and the glass pans are more likely to shatter if stressed by rapid temperature changes.

Here are some links on this topic if anyone would like to read more on this topic:

So, based on my research I got a set by a French company, Arcuisine. They arrived this week.


I just tried them out!

Roasted carrots, parsnips and onions. 

I lined the pan with parchment paper, spray oiled the paper and the vegetables and sprinkled salt.

Here is the picture:


Roasted Butternut Squash 2 Ways 

I also cooked butternut squash 2 different ways.

One squash was spiced with garlic powder and cumin:


The other was plain and lightly salted:


The verdict, according to Raizel was: “I don’t usually like roasted vegetables but this is killer!… They are awesome!”

I am happy to report that Lauren was right: lined with parchment paper, they are not too difficult to clean. 

One caveat is that the glassware cannot be used for broiling. 

My husband is happier that we are cooking more healthfully too.

A win-win situation!



20 thoughts on “Roasting Vegetables and My New Favorite Cooking Toy

  1. Osyth says:

    that looks gorgeous – I love roasted veggies! Pyrex is a wonderful thing and I am most interested in the difference in the modern stuff. Mine is all virtually vintage having come down from my mother and grandmother 🙂

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