A Prayer Before Eating

Over Thanksgiving, we went to see my mother.

As I have shared, my mother is an outstanding cook. 

A few years ago, she took a baking class with my other sister and learned how to make artesian sourdough bread. 

The place gave her a sourdough starter and she has been nurturing it ever since. A real labor of love.

The picture below is of my mother’s sour dough bread with a blessing for eating right and for the right reasons.

 Our thoughts are very powerful and set our intentions. I believe it is helpful to pray not only while cooking but before and after eating too. 

I hope that this will serve as a nice addition to the blog.



Rabbi Nachman of Breslov. The Gentle Weapon: Prayers For Every Day And Not So Every Day Moments: Timeless Wisdom From The Teachings Of The Hassidic Master (1999) Jewish Lights Publishing; Woodstock Vermont 

Here is a link to the book, which I highly recommend:

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