How To Eat A Healthy Balanced Diet, Even When Time Challenged

How To Eat A Healthy Balanced Diet, Even When Time Challenged.

I have a lot to say on this subject, but, I think that putting it all in one post is too much. So, I am going to post a series on this topic.

The new year has started and many people use this time of year to motivate themselves to recommit to living a more healthy lifestyle. As a nurse, my patients often ask me about how to eat right, or accommodate their health concerns. In particular, since I work in geriatrics, diabetic and cardiac wellness are important. I also used to work with people who were HIV Positive, which was a whole other set of food concerns. Then, there is my own personal life. So, I have lots of experience with planning and accommodating special diets and special needs.


Food is like breathing. We need to eat, just like we need to breathe.


Breathe — you are alive


But, something as deceptively simple as breathing and eating is fraught with multiple layers of meaning.

Eating and breathing are what I call a pivot point of transformation. We eat food, which then becomes transformed into energy, which can be used by our bodies to nourish and sustain our life. A similar process also occurs when we breathe in oxygen. Both processes, breathing and eating are deceptively mundane. Upon examination, they are truly miraculous!

So, while identifying so many complexities, I thought I would take a few moments to discuss how to eat a healthy balanced diet, even when time challenged.

My basic rules are that I try to have something cooked and available in all major food groups at any given time. More specifically, I try to have rice, pasta, vegetables, a bean dish, and a chicken or fish prepared throughout the week.

To do this, I use my rice cooker, pressure cooker and crockpot on a regular basis. I use my microwave to cook vegetables as well. I always try to have frozen food, in particular vegetables, as a backup in a pinch.

I tend to do the bulk of my cooking for week preparing for our Sabbath. I am fortunate that my family does not demand fresh food every night. We eat leftovers from Shabbat if I am lucky, until Tuesday. After that, I fill in as needed.

We are not a one size fits all household. Therefore, I do not serve a single menu for our meals. As everyone has their own unique needs, I find it easier to just mix and match.

In addition to accommodating everyone’s individual preferences, we try to follow the principles of the Mediterranean Diet. This means that we try to eat whole grains, and plant-based foods (beans, nuts, seeds and vegetables) and limit animal protein and fat.

My husband eats red meat no more than once a week.  One meal a day consists of either fish, eggs or chicken. Another meal a day is completely vegan or plant based. I try not to cook with added fat and rely on spices to flavor food. I personally am allergic to wheat, dairy and eggs, so naturally, I do not eat them at all. Following this basic guide, it becomes possible to eat fast, healthy, easy and all natural food.

Below are some of the links that I accumulated on this topic. Feel free to explore any of them for more detailed explanations and information.


Click to access dash_brief.pdf

Click to access dashdiet.pdf

Click to access DASHDIET.pdf




35 thoughts on “How To Eat A Healthy Balanced Diet, Even When Time Challenged

  1. jncthedc says:

    Lots of good information. I am a fan of the Mediterranean style of eating, but I also believe one element missing from this diet. Organic virgin coconut oil is an important SATURATED Fat (providing cardiovascular health benefits) since it is a MCT (medium chain triglyceride.) This would be a nice compliment to your recommendations. Thought this might be beneficial for your readers.

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