Packing Up My Kitchen — The Move Has Begun

Blessing For The Home

This post may be slightly off topic.

But, my cooking activities may be curtailed for the next little while. We are moving soon to a new home. Today, we officially sold our house.

This past Sunday was our first day of intense packing and tossing. 

Something that is as objectively unpleasant as moving has been a real opportunity to witness miracles unfolding and divine providence.

I truly feel that we have been divinely provided for in what could be a very unpleasant experience.

I am awestruck by the assistance and support that we have received from others.

Our family, friends and neighbors have been AWESOME!

My husband cannot do any heavy lifting. Although he was reluctant at first, he finally consented to allow people to help. His stipulation was that there could only be 2 helpers at a time.

Jay was concerned that it would be too overwhelming for him if there too many people needing direction at one time.

Originally, my neighbor and I had arranged for 2 high school boys to help with the really heavy lifting. And, my sister-in-law, Auntie Elle graciously offered to help too.

Unexpectedly, my friend Lee came over and offered to help for an hour.  

She was so kind. She actually thanked ME for giving her the opportunity to get out of her house and have some adult conversation.

Then, unexpectedly, my friend Cindy just “happened” to show up with her husband.  

Before I knew it, we were able to finish packing up all the Passover dishes! 

The miracle was, people came out of the woodwork and just showed up to help! I had no idea that they were going to be coming over.

At the end of the day, as Jay and I basked in the glow of a job well done, we laughed. 

Jay was able to recognize that we all got what we wanted. Although we had lots of help, we only had 2 helpers at a time. 

We got the all the help that we needed, and at the same time, Jay did not become overwhelmed.

How funny is that?

Now, the attic and the basement have been sorted through. So we are on our way.

The next big challenge will be to pack up the regular kitchen!

Here are my pictures of the progress we made:

The end of one set of cupboards in sight!

The pile is getting smaller!


I feel like singing a little jig:🎶🎶 Hi Ho, Hi Ho, off to packing we go…..🎶🎶

Stay turned!

47 thoughts on “Packing Up My Kitchen — The Move Has Begun

  1. Pan says:

    💛 an adventure in gifts of love.. no gift is more valuable than giving one’s time to be selflessly utilized for another.. You and your family are blessed.. And I believe those blessings are reflections of the blessings your family gives to others..
    I’m so happy all is going so well..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Doctor Jonathan says:

    Congratulations on the sale of your home. It’s wonderful when we see how nice people truly are and give each other a helping hand. Don’t get overwhelmed; take one day at a time. Celebrate the transition to a new home.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hildegard says:

    God does work in mysterious ways! I’m very happy for you, and hope the rest of this adventure continues to go well. Best wishes also for your husband’s health. I admire how you all work together so well. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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