A Night Of Firsts 

The title of this post was suggested by Raizel. This week, we had a night of firsts. Both of the girls are growing up!

Raizel made scrambled eggs all by herself!

As I have shared, I have an airborne egg allergy. I have been waiting for the day that she could make her own eggs.

Raizel even initiated making the eggs on her own. She cracked the eggs into the glass to check them one at a time. Then, she scrambled the eggs up, and placed them on the hot grill.

On the griddle and ready to flip.

The first time that Raizel used a spatula on a hot stove.

The final product.

For those who may not know, eggs are kosher as long as they are from a kosher bird and do not have any blood spots.

When cooking with eggs, each egg is opened into a clear dish or glass and checked for blood spots before it is cook or combined with other food. If a blood spot is found, the whole egg must be discarded, and the cup or dish should be immediately and thoroughly washed with cold water.

When boiling eggs, it is customary to boil at least three eggs at a time. Some people have a separate pot just for boiling eggs.

If a blood spot is found in a boiled egg, the whole egg must be discarded.

Eggs are also pareve, which means they can be eaten with dairy (milk) or meat.

I couldn’t believe that on her own, Raizel knew to check the eggs for blood spots before cooking them!

Raizel was very proud! Even the next morning she was still glowing with pride that she make scrambled eggs all by herself. I am even prouder.

I guess we are all in love with the new grill!

In addition, it cleans up very easily. I just wiped it off with a damp sponge.

Our second moment of firsts was that Yaffa opened up a cheese stick all by herself.

Taking the cheese stick in her hands.

Success! Pulling the plastic down.

Success! Able to eat it all by herself!

It was hard work and she got a little frustrated, but she did it! She even went back to fetch a second one.

It’s amazing was a little motivation can achieve!

Now, she is asking to eat cheese sticks all the time!

I am so proud of both of them!


34 thoughts on “A Night Of Firsts 

  1. marymtf says:

    What’s a kosher chicken? Is it to do, maybe, with what the chicken eats? If so, what could it possibly eat that would make it non kosher? ps, I still have a hard time opening those darn cheese sticks, maybe Yaffa can give me some lessons. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. theturtle says:

    To the proud Mom ,
    thank you for your info on the eggs .
    Won’t you believe it , one of these days my husband had a childish “fit” because I refused to eat one of “his” eggs that had a blood spot in it . We don’t eat kosher and I had no basis for refusing it , I just don’t feel ok about it ! (but he is so enthusiastic about his new hobby a.k.a. his 4 chickens that we have to be careful in “criticizing” his wonder eggs 😉 ) 🙂
    Turtle Hugs

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Pan says:

    Isn’t it amazing how we bask in the afterglow of an accomplishment by a loved one.. Something new learned, a challenge overcome or the creativity in action.. Some call it pride out of love.. But I know with me, it’s like feeling thier success by proxy..

    Raizel may cook me scrambled eggs anytime, they look delicious.. And if Yaffa would open a cheese stick for me, I’ll munch on it till the eggs are done 😄

    Liked by 2 people

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