Off Topic — Post Election Humor


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

This post is completely off topic, and it has been sitting in my draft box for the 3 weeks. As a rule, I try never to talk about politics.

But, before the topic of the recent American election becomes completely untimely, I wanted to share some post-election humor.

Everyone where I work, staff and patients, were shocked that Donald Trump won the presidency.  It was so unexpected! I have never seen such a strong response to an election result.

I had many interesting discussions with my patients on this topic. I work in geriatrics, and the wisdom of the aged is a joy to witness.  Their responses have been fascinating!

I wondered, “How is it possible that no one predicted that this would be the outcome?”

I believe that this lack of communication is due to the decline of civility in our society. Rather than talking WITH each other, people talk AT each other. Rather than communicating, people were too busy judging. Being right became more important that being loving.



If someone didn’t like Obama, you were branded a racist. If someone didn’t like Hillary Clinton, you were branded a sexist. If someone did like Trump, you were branded a racist too.

What this meant was that people stopped talking for fear of being branded a racist or a sexist. We were too closed minded to listen to others who had a different perspective. People became afraid to share how they were feeling and what they were thinking.


In the end, we all suffer. We lose the sacred art of listening. Fear, judgement and intolerance leads to isolation, loneliness and disconnection. So, when all else fails, I say, “laugh!”



On voting day, there was a huge line. The voting clerks said that this election was one of the highest turnouts ever.

This is a picture of my friend Wendy, who got this sticker after we voted. The clerks were very nice and gave me 2, one for Yaffa and the other for Raizel.



My friend Miriam sent me this picture. Since it has a food reference, I had to share it:



Finally, another friend, Sarah sent me this. When I read it to my husband, he laughed out loud!

I hope everyone enjoyed my post-election humor!  Happy Thanksgiving!



45 thoughts on “Off Topic — Post Election Humor

  1. Ben de Plume says:

    Hey there! My name is Ben, and I’m fourteen years old. I’m a big fan of your blog. I happen to have my own growing humor blog, and I was wondering if you might let me feature on your site. And if there’s anything I can do for you, just say the word.

    Let me know
    -Ben of

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  2. Ann Coleman says:

    I think you are right, we are quickly becoming afraid to speak up about our beliefs for fear of being attacked, or being dismissed as some kind of “ist.” So therefore, we know less and less about each other these days. We do need to learn how to listen, even to those with whom we disagree!

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  3. Osyth says:

    This is such a timely piece …. we do need to go back to talking WITH not AT one another. I posted a piece on FaceBook recently imploring people to stop spitting vitriole on Social Media and actually communicate their thoughts and feelings through debate (understanding that not everyone will agree and that shouting them down is never the answer) …. it starts in families and as you know, one of the things that I have loved about your blog is the fact that you speak of your family as a whole living breathing communicating sharing entity. Chapeau for this piece, my dear … I am going to post it on my FaceBook Page (my public page not my personal timeline)

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    • Cooking For The Time Challenged says:

      Thank you for your kind words. I think that listening and communicating with respect is a lost art. People come from so many different backgrounds. It is definitely more time consuming to listen and attend to other people. However, without civility, there can be no peace. Or, at the very least, quiet.

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      • Osyth says:

        My father used to say that communication is all in the listening and my husband always says listen more than you speak. I fear that Social Media and it’s instant gratification is the straw that may break the camels back. But then, as an optimist I can’t give up and particularly I have faith that in the end humankind can triumph.

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      • Cooking For The Time Challenged says:

        Your father reminds me of my father– a class act. I agree that social media is changing how we interact and connect with each other (but I am a Luddite and not on Facebook because I don’t understand how it works.) However, I also feel that this is only a developmental stage. With time, we will all adjust. New social norms will be created. I am hopeful that civility will once again be restored as a valued and cherished virtue.

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      • Osyth says:

        I can’t exclude my husband either … one of the blessings of my life that I found him but my sadness is that he never met my father. When he died the church was packed … he would not have believed it because one of the things that sets such men apart is a singular lack of ego and feeling that they should not be any trouble but rather trouble themselves to help others in trouble. We both have daughters …. the best we can do is to try and ensure that they value the same qualities. I am sure yours do!

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      • Osyth says:

        You know, yesterday was my first Thanksgiving in the USA and the thing that I will remember my whole life through is how wonderful it felt to sit at table with my husband and his son and quietly give thanks for the life I have, those that quietly shaped it and those that I have helped to shape. Even though I will never celebrate the day with my father, I felt his presence as I always do and for that I am truly thankful.

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      • Cooking For The Time Challenged says:

        It is funny, as a Canadian, I find this holiday perplexing. However, what a wonderful opportunity to express gratitude and appreciation for all of our many gifts and blessings! My mother in law LOVED Thanksgiving. Nothing gave her more joy. I know that she is so happy to see her children getting together and remembering her.

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      • Osyth says:

        I must say I was full of trepidation …. I thought it would be horribly brash and meaningless but in fact it manages to be a very family-centric affair (at least here it does) which endeared it to me instantly. We spent the day reminiscing about those that can’t be with us either because they have passed or because they are far away and we took time out before our meal to hold hands and share what we have to be thankful for. We were only two but it felt as though all our most cherished were in that little circle of love.

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      • Cooking For The Time Challenged says:

        It is funny. I was thinking about how your husband never met your father, and how that is a missing link in your life. I also never met my father in law. Who he was played such a big part in who my husband is today. I believe that both men live on through their children and good deeds.

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      • Osyth says:

        I never met my mother-in-law either. My husband says she would have loved me and I her. Those missing links are poignant but I know my father and husband would have enjoyed one another’s company and I know my father would have been happy that I found my husband and that in a sense makes it OK. I know you understand.

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  4. marymtf says:

    I’m afraid that the US hasn’t got a monopoly on the decline of civility. It’s the same where I live. I hope, though, that the violence I’m witnessing (in the news) post election won’t find its way to where I live.
    I know about laughter being the best kind of medicine, but I fear that it is not enough.

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      • marymtf says:

        There’s no advocating, excusing or justifying violence. Ever. But I imagine that behaving civilly in the face of such negative behaviour as has been evidenced post the US election only aggravates the situation. People who don’t believe in debate and who do believe they are right, won’t be converted or convinced.

        There’s a worldwide movement of fascists and regressives shutting down debate before it can get off the ground. All I’m saying is that we can’t shake our heads and ask each other what the world is coming to. We have to find a civilised way to combat the sort of people who believe that shutting us down and behaving violently will get them what they want. Everywhere you look, it’s becoming more obvious that they are on a winning streak.

        One of your country women, Cassie Jaye has produced a film called The Red Pill. Cassie Jaye is ‘a feminist filmmaker who planned to take on men’s rights activists but was won over and crossed to the dark side to take up their cause.’ (The quote belongs to Bettina Arndt.) There was a campaign to stop the movie being made in the US (that’s censorship). Now feminists in Australia have pressured the Palace Cinemas to cancel the Australian screening. They are determined it won’t be shown here. I’m sorry, because I’d have liked to make up my own mind about it. No amount of civility will change that.
        There you go – off my chest. You don’t have to accept this response. I just needed to say how I felt. 🙂

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      • Cooking For The Time Challenged says:

        Now I need to go look up the film you mentioned so that I can make an informed response to your comment.😉 Everything is about balance. If we are cruel when we should be kind, we will be kind when we should be cruel. I am going to look up Cassie Jaye. In the meantime, I am going to put my daughter to bed.😴

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