Off Topic: Snow In The City

Today was a snow day. We all stayed home and had a bonding experience.

My friend Mindy’s husband took this video of the streets of New York “aka the city” today. His commentary is hilarious. I just had to share it!

I have never tried to post a video before, so I hope it works!

Spring is around the corner!

I am trying to think warm thoughts and visualize the positive.


28 thoughts on “Off Topic: Snow In The City

  1. Pan says:

    STELLA !!!!!!! March’s winter tantrum..
    The bikes out were funny to see but sad too.. Someone went to a lot of work to put them out there..

    Oh you punny punny lady 😄
    The picture of a BIG Spring just around the corner, please let that a wonderful pun come true !!!!

    Congrats on your first video post !

    I cross my fingers on the ones I upload, some of mine don’t upload right.. It’s a 50/50 chance on them 😂

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  2. sportsattitudes says:

    That video is great Carol. Lots of us digging out from what was originally snow and ice but is now all ice. Usually if we have weather like this in March it warms up almost immediately afterwards. Not this time. Spring should still be around the corner…now where DID we put it?!

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