Welcome to Cooking For The Time Challenged!

My motive for starting this blog is primarily practical: I have reached the stage where it takes too much time to find the recipes that I want to cook.

Perhaps with a blog it could be easier to organize and retrieve them?

I am married and I have 2 children with special needs. One of my daughters, Yaffa, used to be on a feeding tube. My other daughter, Raizel, used to be on a special diet called the Feingold Diet. My husband, Jay, is on the Mediterranean Diet for health reasons. For personal health reasons, I do not eat flour, sugar, wheat, eggs or dairy. So, between all our dietary limitations, I have many culinary challenges.

I work full time by necessity. Food prep, set up and clean up are daily opportunities for organizational growth and development.

I always say, โ€œHow we do anything is how we do everything.โ€ The secret to good food starts with the right ingredients and love.

I also believe that our thoughts are very powerful. So, I pray while I cook, and set my intentions on positive and loving thoughts. I am convinced that the food tastes better that way!

When I first started this blog, my husband laughed at the idea of a blog about food. Now, my husband has redeemed himself. He has gained a greater appreciation for the importance of cooking with love and prayer. The power of prayer and positive thinking runs deep!

The goal of this blog is to share my recipes, cooking strategies and sundry thoughts and suggestions on preparing and serving home cooked meals — while juggling work, special needs and special diets within the dietary guidelines of the Jewish faith (Kashrut).

I hope that other people will be able to benefit from my experience of juggling work, home and family responsibilities too.

I try to make food that is fast, easy, and all natural. I call it cooking with maximum taste for minimal time. So, you can see that cooking for the time challenged is me!

I am so happy that you have dropped by to visit.

With blessings,




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208 thoughts on “About

  1. Barbara Grace Lake says:

    I am going to enjoy your blogs. Years ago I had a pressure cooker. When it finally gave out I did not replace it. I didn’t see the need. Now I do. Even though retired, it seems that 4:00 in the afternoon comes all too soon and I’m wondering “what’s for dinner.” At 87, I need all the shortcuts I can get, but not at the expense of quality.

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  2. FrugalHausfrau says:

    Oh gosh, we’re all time challenged, it seems! I loved hearing your story (and my family laughed, too) but I just carry on. I’ve “met” so many nice bloggers on line I feel somewhat validated. The only bad thing about blogging: people always expect you to be an excellent cook, lol!

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  3. israelisalad says:

    Hi! I want to thank you for coming by my blog last week and for commenting on so many of my posts. I really appreciate the feedback. My computer was acting up, so I didn’t respond to each of them individually. I also want to let you know I nominated you for the blogaholic award, which I understand you might not accept, since you were just tagged by someone else last week. Anyways, here it is: https://israelisalad.wordpress.com/2017/02/26/blogaholic-award-nomination/
    Chodesh tov!

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  4. koolkosherkitchen says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog and for the like. I am so happy to have found another kosher blogger! So far my likers and followers have been health-oriented food enthusiasts, and I am thrilled about it, but I’d like to share and exchange ideas with people knowledgeable in kosher food. I am looking forward to exploring your blog, and I already see some wonderful recipes!

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  5. Kamilah says:

    Hi Carol, I’ve loved following your blog, and I will continue to do so. I’ve made the switch to Squarespace, and hope you will follow me there: anchoredinhealth.com

    If you want to directly sign up to receive my posts via email, please go here: http://eepurl.com/b5bD1n

    Looking forward to seeing future posts from you!
    – Kamilah

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