Off Topic: Raizel’s Words Of Wisdom Today 

This is an off topic post that I feel I just have to share!

Today, I did my usual morning routine: wake up the girls; give them breakfast; make their lunches and then put them on the bus to school.

Raizel is at the stage where she is thinking about her yearbook and what she wants to write for it. So, this morning she asked: “what do you think of this: don’t wait for the perfect moment. Take the moment and make it perfect?”  I liked it so much that I wrote it down.

Then, we walked to the bus stop. The leaves are changing colour around us and the fall foliage is fantastic!  So, as we were waiting for the bus, Raizel took this picture with my phone.

I felt like I needed to capture the moment, so I combined the two.

Living a life that matters is forged through our meaningful emotional connections with our loved ones. It is not, “those were the days my friends,” but rather “these are the days my friends.”

Waking the girls up, giving them breakfast, making their lunches, putting them on the bus and even washing the dishes are the stuff that really matter in life.


Off Topic: Life As A Girl and Thank You 

Recently, I read a great post from one of my sisters in blogging, on social etiquette and how to blog. It was quite excellent and spelled out many things that I was not aware of. 

Here is the link:

How to Be a Better Blogger.

So, I now know that there are a lot of things that I do not know:

  • I am clueless on social media
  • my pictures are strictly amateur 
  • communication and appreciation is a 2 way street and best expressed in writing. 
  • Be friendly with your friends

I have also learned that food bloggers are incredibly fun and sociable. I never thought that posting my recipes would be noticed by anyone. This has been a wonderful experience. I want to thank everyone for making this food blog a real opportunity for for self expression and creativity!

Among Dana’s excellent suggestions was to stay on topic. If I am blogging on food, then stick to food.

I think I am breaking that blogging rule by going off topic with this post. Oops! Please forgive me.

Today, I took Raizel to get her hair cut. The woman who cut her hair decided to have fun and give her a hairdo. Then, we splurged and she got a manicure too.

Raizel liked it so much that she asked me to take a picture of her new do and post it on the blog. 

She says, “it just fun!”

Thank you Patrice and Manny! (This is my favorite barbershop)

Better living with Google translate.

I am however motivated to start a different blog for my creative writing and thoughts on my children and inspirational moments from my work on the psych ward.

Any assistance on mastering social media would be very appreciated!

Thank you all!



Mix and Match:  Moroccan Lentil Tacos with Tachini 

So, the Moroccan Lentils were a hit. 

For dinner tonight, Raizel had them with rice in a taco shell and techini sauce.

Raizel says, “awesome!”

She also asked me to take a picture of her holding a taco with techini sauce. 

Raizel loves this blog because she says now we are getting better food. 

Say it ain’t so…..