Off Topic: Snow Falling On Roses

Off Topic: Snow Falling On Roses

This blog is my creative outlet for what is otherwise a very hectic and intense life. I consider it to be an open miracle that I am able to juggle so many responsibilities and still maintain it.

To cope with my many challenges, I have been attempting to spend 1 hour a day thanking God for every difficulty that I have, rather than complaining and feeling sorry for myself.




My efforts have been bearing fruit. I find myself feeling more optimistic and better able to cope. Cultivating an attitude of gratitude is really the most healing and healthy thing that one can do to cope when challenged.

As part of this effort, I try to spend time each day truly appreciating and being in the moment.

Yesterday was a wonderful opportunity to practice this habit.

It snowed throughout the day beautiful light and fluffy snowflakes.

The snow covered rose bushes in front of our house.

The snow covered rose bushes in front of our house.


Growing up in Canada, we really enjoyed the snow. We always appreciated the wonder and purity of snow as it falls. I love when the ice and snow freeze over the branches of the trees and they make beautiful lacy patterns on the windows. Each snowflake is so unique and beautiful!



When I think about snowflakes, they remind me of life. I can try to reach out and touch a snowflake. But, when I do, it is lost. The snowflake melts and is gone.

The snow covered tree in front of our house.

A snow covered tree in front of our house.

My father was fond of saying, “In life, you need to stop and smell the roses.”

There are no roses blooming during the winter. However, I thought our bushes in front looked very pretty with the snow. I loved seeing how the snow gently piled up on their branches.

I think that my father would be happy to have me stop and notice the beautiful snow falling on the rosebushes, even without any roses blooming.

So, as Raizel and I were driving home at dusk, I took pictures of them and thought I would share them on the blog.

I never thought that blogging could be so much fun!

This was one of my father's favorite poets.

This was one of my father’s favorite poets.




Semi – Off Topic: Life In The City For A Food Blogger 

This is one of those posts which straddles the line between food and non-food. My original intent was to post this just for fun. 

This past week I spent a morning in “The City.” 

For those of you who may not know, “The City” refers the New York City or Manhattan.  

I am always amused by the hubris of referring to NYC as “The City,” as someone who comes from a city as well. But, it is all part of the charm. 

If you can make it here, you can make it any where.🎶🎶

Since I traveled by public transportation, I had a chance to “stop and smell the roses” and enjoy the scenery. 

Here are pictures of what I enjoyed.

Urban Art — too funny to not post.

I love doors. I thought this one was beautiful.

The power of positive thinking, even at a bar.

Visualizing the positive.

Great combination! Yum!

This is an adorable tea shop. I love the architecture.

I love flowers.

Beautiful landscaping amidst all the concrete.

More flowers.

Real food for thought.

It was a beautiful day and so nice to be able to walk around and enjoy the view.

As I was about to post about my New York experience, my friend, Nechi, sent me a text about her New York experience this week.

While she was in Manhattan, there was a man sitting on the sidewalk along 6th Avenue, collecting money. He was holding up a sign “waiting for a miracle.”

Somehow, Nechi felt compelled to go up to the young man and speak to him. 

She looked at the man straight into his eyes and told him, “don’t wait for a miracle, you are the miracle! You woke this morning, you can breathe, you are not in the hospital, you are a capable young man, you are the miracle! ”

The young man held her gaze and said, “you’re right.”

All Nechi could say afterwards was, “I hope I made a change in someone’s life today.”

New York is such a city of contrasts.