Gazpacho Soup

Today, I had a wonderful group with my patients.

Sometimes, when I run a group, I ask patients to introduce themselves with the following questions: “what do you love to do?” Or, “what do you do that makes you lose track of time?”

Surprisingly, such a simple question generates a lot of discussion. It engenders positive feelings of well-being and it is an opportunity for patients to share with each other their passions in life.

One patient, Henri, (I wrote about him in The Birthday Party shared in an earlier group that he loves to garden and he even grows his own vegetables.

Today, he surprised us. He brought in his first crop of tomatoes. With such luscious tomatoes, I decided to make gazpacho soup.

I have not made gazpacho soup in years. I forgot how great it is.

This recipe comes from my Aunt Perel (A”H). Aunt Perel was a fabulous cook! I think of her often, especially when I cook.

Cooking was Aunt Perel’s passion in life. She could quote the source and the originator of a particular recipe the way other people discuss academic research.

This soup is particularly great when using fresh, ripe tomatoes. It feels like eating salad in a bowl.


1.5 lbs ripe tomatoes

3/4 cup onions

1 cucumber, peeled

1 small green pepper

1-2 garlic cloves

1.5 teaspoons salt, to taste

1/2 teaspoon pepper

1/4 cup olive oil (can add up to 1/3 cup, but my family does not like things with too much oil)

1/2 cup wine vinegar

1/2 cup water

Optional: 3/4 cup dried breadcrumbs, or serve with croutons


Place ingredients in food processor and pulse until desired consistency. Adjust seasoning. Serve chilled.

tomatoes shared during our group

voila! final product

I must say, this soup surpassed my wildest expectations!

My husband loved it! He said, “this is fantastic! I don’t even like gazpacho….. Can I have some more?”

A true vote of confidence!

Many blessings to Aunt Perel (A”H) for sharing her wonderful recipes and culinary expertise.


Meat Sauce 


Today is my daughters’ birthdays. They made a special request to have noodles and meat sauce for their birthday dinner.

There is a more gourmet way to make this, which I will post too, but this is my fast and easy meat sauce on the fly.


1 onion chopped 

1 pepper chopped 

2 lbs ground meat, browned 

1 jar tomatoe sauce. I have also used canned diced or crushed tomatoes  

1 6 oz can tomatoe paste. When using canned tomatoes, more tomatoe paste may be necessary to get the desired thickness 

Wine, “a splash”

1/2 teaspoon salt, pepper, oregano, basil, Italian spice blend

1 clove garlic, crushed 

If using canned tomatoes, adjust the seasoning.


Brown meat in sauce pan and remove neat after cooked.

Sauté onions and peppers. Add meat, tomatoe sauce, tomatoe paste, wine (optional), salt, pepper and add spices. Cover and simmer until done. Usually, I add the crushed garlic near the end, but today I put it in before I left. Adjust seasonings and serve.

Here are the pictures from this morning:


This is the final product:


The girls ate it with noodles, their favorite.

It was relatively fast and definitely easy. The girls were pleased.

Happy birthday!