Lazy Day Staycation

I am off this week hanging out with my girls.

Today we went to the park and then decided to hang out in the back yard drinking lemonade with lots of ice, iced and for Raizel, a lemon-strawberry smoothie.




Strawberry ice

Lemon ice

Fresh strawberries 


Put in container, using an immersion blender, blend until smooth.

Here is the picture:


Raizel says, “it’s yummy and strawberrilicious!”

Yaffa says, “it’s yummy.” She, however, was happy with lemon ice and iced lemonade.

These are the last days of summer.ūüĆě

Breakfast On The GoРDairy Free Smoothie 

Sometimes I need something quick and easy for breakfast. This is my version of a dairy free, egg free morning smoothie. It can easily be adapted to accommodate various taste preferences.




Nut butters (I usually use almond butter, but peanut butter works too)




I place everything in a container and using an immersion blender, purée until smooth. Et voilaРbreakfast on the go.

Here are the pictures:

Raizel likes it with strawberries and orange juice. Rice milk is also good.

Yaffa is a creature of habit. For breakfast she eats: a banana, or apple sauce, and she has learned how to eat cereal like Kix.  She prefers to eat oatmeal or cooked grains with rice milk. 

We have come a long way!