Grilled Zucchini 

I am still adjusting to my new kitchen and appliances. I find that my new microwave and oven cook differently. 

However, I am happy to say that my new stove has a wonderful feature that I am really enjoying.

It has a cast iron grill as a center burner. The flame is longer than a regular burner. Now, I can grill or cook over a larger surface, and use less oil. It’s like having a built in frying pan, only better.

So, tonight I made grilled zucchini. It was fast, easy, low fat and delicious!


Zucchinis, sliced diagonally 

Spray oil.


Spray oil grill. Cook zucchini until done as desired.

Here are the pictures:

lay zucchini slices on grill, without crowding

turn over to cook on other side when done.

final product– grilled & yummy!

Everyone loved them! My husband said, “these are great!”

Yaffa, who loves zucchini, specifically asked to take them for lunch the next day. She said, “they’re my favorite!”

Fast, easy and very little to clean. Less storage space required too!


42 thoughts on “Grilled Zucchini 

  1. Osyth says:

    I still grieve for my British Gas Stove left behind when I moved to France for practical reasons (and the American family who brought the house were thrilled with it). It too had that feature and it was absolutely fabulous and we used it all the time for grilled veg. Zucchini are a favourite .cooked any way at all or as we had them last night shaved with a vegetable peeler and served in a lemon, olive oil and garlic dressing – a lovely light appetizer 🙂

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